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Honda - Motoden

Thanks to the fantastic team at Honda Motoden North London for sorting me out a new 2017 Honda CRF250L! George Dennison and the team are fantastic. So friendly and helpful. And on top of that, the bike is pretty incredible too! 

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Really love my Kriega Duo 36 Saddlebags and R35 Backpack. The roll top design means that all my gear is 100% waterproof!

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My AdventureSpec rack is fantastic - very easy to mount onto the rear frame of my bike and means I can easily mount my Givi base plate onto the bike as as well. And thanks to AS for sending me these Barkbusters Handguards which have saved me and the bike countless times! I can't imagine riding without them! And my AdventureSpec Bash Plate definitely will give my engine the extra protection it needs to get around the world in one piece!

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Dane clothing uk

The Dane Limfjord Suit and Difi Negev Boots are fantastic - the 3 in 1 Protective Jacket and Brondby Trousers are great for the cold, wet and windy days in the mountains in Europe (or London) and with the option to remove the thermal layers and the 'cooling vents' makes this gear perfect for hotter climates as well! The boots are super quick and easy to put on and take off, so theres no hassle messing around with lots of buckles etc. I'm also wearing the Dane 4 season base-layer pants and long-sleeve top, which are great for the cold and hot and sweaty rides! All in all, its really amazing gear!

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Michelin Tyres UK

Thanks to Michelin UK for my Ultra Heavy Duty Inner Tubes for my bike! These have been installed in the Anakee Wild tyres; these are perfect off-road and allow me to literally go wherever I like in search of a wild camping spot for the night! They are also surprisingly capable on road as well, and will be taking me all the across Europe and beyond. I also have faith that my new inner tubes will last me around the globe! Lets see!

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Davida Helmet

I love my open face helmet from Davida. They have been in the business, perfecting helmets for over 30 years and take such care with each helmet, ensuring its stylish and safe. With a leather lining and great matte black finish, it not only looks good but feels very comfortable as well. I like to wear my helmet with the Davida Aviator Goggles (like in the 70's), when I pick up speed. And as they are made not far from my hometown in England they are the perfect choice!

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Thanks to Bajaworx in California; my long rides at the handlebars will be more enjoyable and comfortable now. This screen not only stops all the bugs and insects from flying into me, but also helps with the wind pressure going into my helmet, on the motorways and small green lanes. A great addition to this 'adventure' bike!