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Ben King

About me:

I am a 21 year old adventurer.

I left school four years ago when I was 17, after being involved in a car accident and was keen to see more of the world!

I flew to SE Asia and lived on Koh Tao in Thailand for a few months Scuba-Diving.

I then bought my first motorcycle (Honda 125cc) and travelled across Asia from Malaysia to Hanoi in Northern Vietnam.

I loved Vietnam so much that I ended up living there for about a year, teaching English and working on classic bikes.




'Asia and South America'

I was keen to travel more so flew to South America and bought another Motorcycle in Colombia and headed South.

This was when I realised I wanted to do a big trip!

I've been working multiples jobs, working 70+ hours a week for the past 20 months to save for this trip!

So excited for this next adventure!

Please join me around the world!

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