The King On The Road

Honda CRF250L 2017

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Why I chose this bike?

'Big bike vs small bike'

When I first started planning this trip I spent almost a year trying to decide what bike to take. Like many others, I instantly started looking at the big adventure bikes, like the BMW 1200GS, Triumph Explorer, KTM 1090 etc. But after visiting various dealerships and trying the bigger bikes out, and after watching the 'big' dealership salesmen trying to lift these big bikes off the centre stand with great difficulty I realised I had no hope of ever trying to pick these bikes up, as I am without a doubt probably one of the skinniest and weakest 'adventure' riders alive!

So I started looking at the BMW F800GS and Triumph Tiger 800, but even these bikes were too big for me.

And after attending many bike shows and speaking to many other overlanders, many seem to be pushing the 'smaller bike' idea.

I always remember this quote: 'no one ever gets on the road and wishes they had a bigger and heavier bike'...

And after meeting Austin Vince, who is a big advocate of the smaller bike, he invited me to his  place to try his Honda CRF250.

We took the CRFS out trail riding on the bridleway near his house and I'd never really done much 'off-roading' before, but I didn't find it too challenging, because the CRF was very light and easy to manoeuvre and I felt in control. I also felt as though I could lift it up, should it fall over,

So when we returned to Austin's place I was all smiles.

I knew this would be the bike I would take around the world!

Motoden - honda

George Dennison and the rest of the team at Honda Motoden were absolutely fantastic finding me a brand new 2017 Honda CRF250L quickly and spent all afternoon showing me the bike before I set off through central London in the rush-hour back home (a baptism of fire on my new little machine!)


On my way home from the dealership I filled up with some fuel, and I immediately thought there was something wrong with the bike, as I thought there is no way it costs only £4.90 for a full tank of gas!?

Turns out the bike wasn't broken and I learned very quickly just how cheap this bike is to run.

I can get up to 135 miles on one tank of gas with my 7.8 litre tank.

Its amazing!


I recently returned from Spain, where I spent a week trail riding around the Pyrenees. This bike handled everything I threw at her. Everyday I was blown away with just how capable this little machine is!
On the long tarmac roads down France, she handled just fine, and even better off-road.

I'm so glad that I didn't go for a bigger adventure bike! I would have been crazy!

I have full confidence that me and JJ will make it successfully around the World!