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Whats the Plan?

My plan is is to circumnavigate the world solo on my Honda CRF250L motorcycle!

I'm leaving on 13th August 2017 from the 'Adventure Travel Film Festival' in North London.

Leaving at only 21 Years Old!



The idea for an overland motorcycle adventure first came to me in Bolivia when I met two bikers on BMW 1200GS's heading from Alaska to Argentina. We spent hours chatting and I was in awe listening to all their stories. I knew that I wanted to do something similar one day.

And when I returned to the UK a very close friend of mine, India, passed away at only 22 years old, from Crohn's and Colitis disease. 

India's case was very rare and had there been more research available maybe more could have been done.

So I wanted to raise money to put into research for this disease. Her husband and mum both feel this would be the best use of money.

The plan was originally to ride from the UK to India, and after looking at a map thought maybe I could travel overland beyond India to New Zealand where my sister lives. 

But I was still really keen to ride the TAT (Trans-America Trail) in the States, and ride across Russia.

After months of trying to decide which route to take I thought 'why not just do it all?'

So my new plan was decided: 

Travel around the world on my motorcycle!


“Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”

Roy M. Goodman|  Adventurer

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Previous Trips:

When I was 17 years old I flew to Asia where I bought my first motorcycle and travelled overland on my little Honda 125cc, from Malaysia to Vietnam.

Two years later I travelled down South America on another Honda, starting from Colombia. But didn't make it down the entire length of the continent after a motorcycle accident. So I had to resort to travelling by buses the rest of the way, which just wasn't the same!

I actually only passed my UK motorcycle test seven months ago after having to learn how to ride on UK roads!

I only recently picked up my brand new Honda CRF250L from Motoden in London.

So to celebrate I took my bike down France to Spain, where I spent a week trail riding in The Pyrenees with ten other brilliant riders, exploring the trails.

It was a great test of the bike and all my gear, and I was blown away with how well my bike (JJ) handled everything I threw at her.

I have complete confidence that this was the right bike for this trip and will help me successfully circumnavigate the world!




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